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Welcome to HOME MODE - the finest handmade Polish Pottery.

Polish Pottery - the leading manufacturer of Pottery from Poland!

The unique stoneware from the Boleslawiec is produced using traditional hand-made techniques and it´s embellisched by hand-painted or stamped patterns.

The clay is excrated exclusively from the Boleslawiec region. 

Our Pottery is handpainted with pure mineral paints, which makes it a high-quality, natural product.

The patterns result from traditional circles, points and inspirations from nature, flowers or peacocks. 

Dominant colors are mainly cobalt blue, brown, green and red.

We also offer luxury collections in lighter design with colorful and elaborate patterns.

HOME MODE is the only company in Europe to carry the new line of Polish Pottery - from modern to retro designs - which is convincing by its unique style. 

The Pastel collection created by HomeMode is in every case an exclusive feature.

Our ceramics impresses with its high quality and functionality.

The clay is burned at 1250 ° C, so the products are heat resistant and are also perfect for baking in the oven or in the microwave.

Polish Pottery can be used to store food of all types,  it´s resistant to acids and stains and also
odorless and tasteless .

Polish Stoneware is suitable for dishwashers. Thanks to the special shiny Glaze it´s very easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

Our Pottery tolerates low temperatures very well, so you can store your food in refrigerators and freezers.

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